EGS Primer

Gastronomic societies have been around for centuries. Some of the world’s best can be found in Spain’s Basque region where cooking and eating is a revered sport. 

We’re a group of friends, all amateur foodies in our 20s and 30s, who thought it was time this delicious tradition arrived in Edmonton, Alberta.  There are three couples and we meet every few months. 

The rules are simple: 

1) The host gets to pick the type of food we’ll eat. The three cooks then need to come up with their own menus. 

2) While three of us are in the kitchen cooking, the other three pick drinks that will pair well with their spouse’s creation. The cook has to prepare an appetizer and a main. 

3) After each course, we ruthlessly grade how things went. The food is graded on taste, originality and presentation. The right drink can get a chef an extra five points. 

This is our culinary journey and quest to bring together the best of food and drink. Check in often because we’ll also be offering cooking advice and tips on where we like to shop for ingredients in Edmonton and beyond.


2 responses to “EGS Primer

  1. Welcome to the Edmonton Blogosphere. I am certain this will be a fun trip to follow! I love dinner parties and cooking with friends!
    May I have a contact e-mail as I am attempting to host an Edmonton bloggers event and would like to send you out the information.
    (Please e-mail me with your blog title in the subject line)

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