Moveable Feast

Progressive Dinners are essentially travelling pot luck dinners. In the UK, they are called Safari Dinners. On July 28, Tim and I joined three other couples to create one of our own moveable feasts. They are pure genius. Here’s how they work:

1) The first couple hosts everyone at their house and serves the appetizer
2) You then move to the second couple’s house where the main is served.
3) At the last house, belonging to the third couple, everyone devours dessert.

Because our group had four couples, we enjoyed two appetizers. We used bikes and cars to travel between houses. If you are going to do this, it’s best to find friends who live close to one another.

To make sure the menu would gel, we decided to stick with fresh summer ingredient theme. The outcome was delicious!

At Brendan and Kate’s, we enjoyed a spicy crab cake with guacamole and sangria.

Next up, we were served a chilled cucumber soup with prawns at Brea and Carl’s place. They paired it with a fabulous white vino.

Tim and I cooked the main: pulled pork enchiladas with chili verde, sour cream and salsa roja. We paired it with a white wine and peach sangria.

Our sugar fix for the night was served at Jody and Rhett’s. They dished up yummy fried apple enchiladas with tequila whip cream. We ate dessert outside by the fire. The evening was capped off with microbrew Mexican beers and tequila shots.

Thanks to Brea for organizing such a memorable summer night. This is the second time our group has participated in a Progressive Dinner, and it’s definitely becoming a tasty tradition.


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