The “Last” Supper

We didn’t know it then, but May 4, 2013 – our tribute meal to Julia Child – turned out to be a “last supper” of sorts for our gang. A few months later, Sabrina and Aaron moved to Calgary.

This dinner was definitely a night to remember and a great way to end such a fantastic and memorable culinary collaboration. Sabrina, Brendan and I each cooked a course using recipes from Child’s legendary Mastering The Art of French Cooking, Vol. 1.

The results were spectacular. I still regularly make soubise. This rice and onion dish is a game changer side and interestingly the recipe that ran with the New York Times’ review of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. And all of our dishes spoke to the fact that you can rarely go wrong when using this cookbook. Sure, most recipes are time-consuming and difficult but the results are near flawless. Each are the building blocks for a perfect meal with equally perfect wine pairing recommendations thanks to Paul Child’s often overlooked contribution to this cookbook.

EGS will continue but just in a different form. We’ve decided to invite special guest couples to join us. Our next meal is scheduled for May 10 at the Storeys. Almost a year to the day we last met.

Here is our last meal in pictures. As Julia would say: Bon appetit!







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