Bite-Size Review: 97 Hot Pot

Tim and I were sans kidlets on the weekend so we were able to do spur-of-the-moment things like head to Chinatown for a late dinner on Saturday night. Unfortunately, when we arrived, our favourite spot, Golden Bird, was already closed. Boo!

We decided to head to the first place we saw that was packed. Enter 97 Hot Pot (10602-97 Street).


The restaurant, which opened before Christmas, was jammed to the rafters with hungry people gorging on hot pot, a big trend these days in Edmonton dining. Both Tim and I were hot pot virgins, but we quickly caught on to this fun dining experience even though the menu boasts more than 100 items, many clearly off the beaten foodie track. The drill: Order unlimited raw noodles, rice, meat, seafood and veggies and start cooking in your soup broth (s) of choice. There is an amazing sauce table at the back of the restaurant that has just about everything you’ll need to dress up your dishes, including fresh ginger, sesame sauce and soy sauce.

If problems arise or you need more food, each table is outfitted with a cool little box that you can use to ring for service. Smart!

The all-you-can-eat price per adult is $25.95, kids $12.95. Each soup broth costs $2 (basic chicken broth is free). There is a two-hour limit for all diners.

Bottom line: Yummy comfort food; excellent service; perfect place for a date.


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