The next meeting is an Iron Chef challenge — sort of. Sabrina has picked a “secret ingredient” that isn’t so secret.

Her note is below. We are meeting in the fall. Let the brainstorming begin.

My challenge: Mushrooms!

Rules: Mushrooms must be used in both your appetizer and main course – any kind, fresh, frozen or canned! I don’t care as long as it’s a mushroom.

Scoring: Back to the old points system – Maximum of 15 Points for each: Flavor, Originality and Presentation

Drinks: At least one of the beverages prepared by each team must be served with and without alcohol. For example: Caesar / Virgin Caesar.


One response to “Mmmmm…mushrooms

  1. I have a great porchini mushroom soup with chestnuts on my site… mushrooms is a very good idea. Can’t wait to read the post! I apologize for not keeping up with my readings. We left for Paris mid July and are currently in Belgrade. We’ll be home sometime next week – and I cannot wait to be home. I love to get away, but going home is just as exciting. And this time, In have had so many fascinating culinary experiences, that I cannot wait to practice in my kitchen at home!

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