Everything cook and curry

UPDATE: EGS has moved up this meeting to May 22 at the O’Neills. The theme has also been tweaked to “Off the Grill”. That means that every dish has to be cooked on the BBQ (Tim and I have three options: conventional, fire-pit or charcoal). No stoves allowed.

I first tried jerk chicken when I was 19. I had travelled to Montego Bay with a friend and my twin sister, Sam. We were broke so we bought most of our meals at a bustling local market by the ocean. One stall served the best plate of jerk chicken I’ve still had to this day.

The best thing about Caribbean cooking is its intense and memorable flavours and spices, including Scotch bonnet peppers, nutmeg and cloves. That’s why Tim and I are picking a Caribbean theme for the next EGS meeting at the end of June. Each chef must bring an appetizer and main inspired by the Caribbean (no Latin American recipes, please). Spouses will pair each dish with a beverage inspired by the islands.

There are a few Caribbean groceries in Edmonton so sourcing ingredients shouldn’t be too hard. One of the best stores is Spice Island.

Everything cook and curry. See you in June.


One response to “Everything cook and curry

  1. i wanna come!!!!! have fun.. can’t wait to see the pics.

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