New Year’s Eve

Welcome 2010!

Sabrina and I held an informal society meeting at our house on New Year’s Eve. We cooked up a gourmet meal for eight people. Sadly, Brendan wasn’t here so none of the food was officially judged. 

We started with tapas, including green and black olives (stewed in lemon and orange zest, toasted cumin seeds and fresh orange juice for more than 24 hours), spanish tortilla, goat cheese and tuna-stuffed roasted bell pepper strips and sausage in red wine.

Next came Sabrina’s lobster bisque. Our favourite lobster killer used three whole crustaceans and each bowl was filled to the brim with meat. We paired the creamy soup with a New Zealand white wine (Oyster Bay).

I made the main, braised short ribs on ricotta and cream mashed potatoes with green beans and olive oil poached cherry tomatoes. Short ribs must be popular on New Year’s because it took me an entire afternoon to find any in Edmonton. Most places were out. At one Safeway, the butcher didn’t even know what they were (tsk-tsk). 

I ended up getting them at Ben’s Meat and Deli on Stony Plain Rd (yet, another reason to shop local). Their short ribs are dry-aged. An extra bonus.

I will definitely go back to Ben’s. They know their meat.

I found the short rib recipe on The only tweak I’d make is ditching the star anise and cinnamon stick. I also cooked the ribs for an extra hour (four hours total).  They were toothsome, fall-off-the-bone perfect.

Ian and Ashley brought a 2005 Pasqua Amarone Della Valpolicella to pair with the main.

After dinner, we nibbled on a cheese platter.

At 12 a.m., we rang the New Year in by popping open a bottle of champagne (Dom Perignon Vintage 1998), courtesy of Aaron and Sabrina.


One response to “New Year’s Eve

  1. The short rib recipe looks awesome. Never been to Ben’s but must try it.

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