Arriba Mexico

For this dinner, the society cooked up a Mexican feast on June 24, 2009 (think lots of cilantro, jalapeno peppers and tequila). The only thing missing was the pinata.

The rules were tweaked a bit. The cooks are now also allowed to vote for each dish, including their own. The non-cooks are also in charge of creating a drink to go with their spouse’s dish.

Sabrina won the appetizer course. She created a Mexican spring roll. It was perfectly crunchy and even came with a mini taco bowl that was filled with sour cream. Aaron paired it with refreshing Patron tequila fruit drinks, including grapefruit.   

I made a spicy gazpacho martini that Tim served with Dos Equis lager, a crisp Mexican beer.

Brendan created a southwest bean salad on mini tortilla shell. Kate paired it with Pacifico Clara beer.

For the mains, Sabrina and I managed to both come first (the society’s first tie).

Sabrina dreamed up a mini-sampler plate of Mexican eats, including a Mexican burger (with homemade cornbread bun), stuffed chilis and a chicken enchilada. The drink choice? Coronita’s, naturally.

I made a pulled pork chili verde enchilada. The pork was cooked for eight hours in a slow cooker. The enchiladas (I used corn and flour tortillas) were served with homemade salsa and avocado puree. I used my own pulled pork recipe but went onto to find the chili verde sauce. It’s one of the best spicy sauces I’ve ever tried. It would go well with other meats.

Tim served a tequila caesar with my enchiladas (Hornitos tequila).

Sorry about the picture. I had already eaten half of my dinner before I realized that we didn’t have a photo of it yet.

Brendan made a goat cheese steak dish with two Mexican-inspired dipping sauces. Kate paired it with sangria. Yes, that’s Spanish but nobody complained. It was one of the best drinks of the night.

We finished the al fresco dinner off by sitting around the fire. A perfect evening.


Brendan: 1
Katherine: 1
Sabrina: 3


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